This template is outdated, and soon will not be necessary (as every monster entry will be available soon). This template was created by the original Admin who has long since left, and is being kept around for nostalgia sake. As soon as a new local Admin can be assigned, it will be moved.

How to use this: Copypaste everything below into the SOURCE editing. Do not use visual mode as you cannot properly edit the infobox in visual mode.

Monster Name Here

Main species:

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Family Category Here

Monster Name

"Wiki Entry Here"

General info here!

  • Favorite food:
  • Least favorite food:
  • How to obtain: (delete any that don't apply)
    • Mystery disk (for profile generations or store-bought)
    • Combination: (main x sub)
    • Adventure: (location)
    • Mission: (list mission)
    • Rare combination: (list rare combination)


Starting Stats Training Confidence
Pow 1 7
Int 2 8
Skl 3 9
Spd 4 10
Def 5 11
Life 6 12

Life Cycle

The following should be considered an estimation to assist with training.

  • Infancy: X months
  • Adolescence: X months
  • Adult: X months
  • Middle age: X months
  • Senior: X months


Trivia here.