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if you want to join Team MMR, download the app called "Line Messenger by Naver "
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, register, and search for users Lecram9t or Nalgrom and we can introduce you to the team! a great place to learn about the game, get great neighbors, or just socialize!


Every Wednesday and SundayTraining Cheer Day Announcement

  • Everytime you train a monster on one of these days you can randomly find silver or gold rings, use them to increase your friends monsters fame, giving you more monster medals to try your luck on the 20, or 100 monster medal Gacha!

Every Month from the 15th to the 20th,2013: True Martial Arts Hall 

  • Every month the Adventure resets and you can try to complete missions and teach your monsters extremely powerful Techniques!

Every Month from the 1st to 7th, 2013: Monthly Battles

  • Awesome missions to get great items and every month we will update our Rankings page!

Every Monday: Special Monday Battle (Reward: Platinum Ticket, Gold Ticket, Silver Ticket or Bronze Ticket)

Every Friday: Treasure House

  • Characterized as a place where you can get lots of different types of Orbs, this adventure area also has rare monster Orbs as well as attribute and generation rate related orbs that have never been seen before. 

Welcome to the My Monster Rancher Wiki!  My Monster Rancher is the latest in the Monster Rancher series, available on Android mobile phones and now on iOS for iPhones, iPods, and iPads. Check it out on the Android Market! or the iTunes App Store. My Monster Rancher features 323 unique monsters to train and raise. Monsters can face off against computer opponents or other players' monsters, go on adventures for rare items, and be combined with other monsters to create stronger ones. The game also features a neighbor system in which you can help your friends enhance their monsters, battle them, or combine with their monsters. My Monster Rancher is developed by Tecmo Koei and presented by Mobage. It is free to play, but offers special items for coins bought with real cash.

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