New "To do" List

~by Downtochill

  • Update Navigation


  • Add favorite Presents fame/medal info (currently working on) 4/21/13-current
  • add combination %'s...?


  • Organize the obtainable part better


  • Fill in awakening techniques, and Ultimate Techniques  (currently working on) 4/21/13-current


  • Finish the information for the daily tournaments


  • Write up a page explaining this
  • Think of something else to add?


  • Fill in the missing levels, add level 50 to 100 breeder rank info

  • History page as more game news/events happen

Research projects Any suggestions for things that can/should be researched? Put them here.

Age stages:

  • See if we can get an average age for monsters and/or the ages for when they switch from different ages.
  • The switch can be noted by training in one attribute (ideally) and noting when the stat gains go up or down.
  • Consistency is important, so I think either 100% training or stop training at the Senior stage.